Fabric Expansion Joints
Pre-assembled KitsSteel parts for kitSpecial conical designSpecial conical designSpecial conical designSpecial conical designRectangular type 32Pre-assembled type 31Type 31 with internal support ringType 14,rectangular,conicalMulti-convolution type 33Multi-convolution type 33
Stainless Steel Corrugated Hoses
Flexible metal hosesHigh-precision welding deviceHose coupling with internal threadTank truck coupling DIN28450Hose with external glass fiber protectionOverbend-protection and Kamlok couplingHose coupling with internal threadAE201 collar and swivel flangeDouble shell hose
Stainless Steel Expansion Joints
Double shell hoseSpecial designSpecial designAxial expansion jointAngular hinged expansion jointAxial expansion jointDN3000,pressure-balancedmultiply bellows DN6000Axial expansion jointCardan hinged expansion jointsExpansion joints in 24h service Universal tied expansion joint DN3000DN1800,pressure-balanced
Rubber Expansion Joints
Standard type A1 redStandard type A1 redStandard type B redStandard type CType B,special designType A with and without tie-rodsStandard type A1 red