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Flexible Metal Hoses

Flexible stainless steel hoses
ROTH stainless-steel flexible metal hoses have a million applications: steam, water, different chemicals, oil, gas, vacuum, absorption of axial and lateral movements as well as vibrations, compensation for installation inaccuracies, fire and loading hoses for tank lorries and many others. In addition to our standard models, we also carry special models with an increased pressure and vibration resistance. The following ROTH stainless-steel corrugated pipe models are available: DN 6 - DN 400 with and without braiding, with DIN – DVGW certification for gas, with all conventional connectors according to German and international standards or with custom-made connectors, with thermo -insulation, as a heatable or coolable double pipe, according to the international standard DIN 2827, and many others.

Expansion joints

Stainless steel expansions joints
ROTH stainless-steel expansion joints are indispensable components in piping technology. They compensate expansions or contractions occurring in pipes due to temperature differences. They can also be used to absorb the vibrations from pumps, motors, compressors or turbines. They are able to accommodate axial, lateral and angular movements. ROTH stainless-steel expansion joints are made of single-ply or multi-ply bellows. The following ROTH stainless-steel expansion joints are available: single-ply or multi-ply, DN 15 - DN 7000 and rectangular expansion joints, axial, lateral and angular expansion joints, universal expansion joints, Cardan expansion joints, pressure-balanced and corner-relieved expansions joints.
Fabric expansion joints
ROTH fabric expansion joints can be used in the most diverse industrial plants and power stations. They are custom-built, single-ply or multi-ply, with any dimensions and types, for gaseous media and bulk components, as fire safety expansion joints and elastomeric expansion joints, according to your specifications and intended uses.
ROTH fabric expansion joints absorb expansions virtually without stress and so can compensate all piping movements. The superior quality of our composite expansion joints is guaranteed by the selection of only the highest-quality materials, which we monitor continuously and process carefully. Crucial to the proper functioning of a expansion joint is its correct installation. We are happy to give advice or provide you with qualified installation personnel.
Rubber expansion joints
ROTH rubber expansion joints are used in heating sytems, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, power plants, refineries, chemical plants, ship-building and many other industries. The outstanding features are high absorption of movements and excellent noise reduction.