Stainless steel flexible hose DN400 with stainless steel wire braid
For hot air 2,8 bar / 180°C, test pressure 5,6 bar. With CE-marking.
Flexible stainless steel hoses DN200 and DN250; Rubber expansion joints DN300 and DN150 with hinged-bar supports and internal protection sleeves
for the compensation of movements in a biogas plant in Neukirchen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, 2007.
Fabric Expansion Joint Kits for the gas condenser station in Mallnow / Berlin
Supply of 11 kits for gas ducts up to O4000mm and rectangular 4500x3700mm, for exhaust gases after gas turbine 550°C.
Stainless Steel Expansion Joints for High Voltage Station 380kV
Universal Expansion Joints, round type DN1100 and rectangular type DN1800x1200, plus some smaller Axial Expansion Joints, Antwerp, Belgium, 2007.
Tunnel Expansion Joints with fire protection requirements
Fabric Expansion Joints DN2800 for Lötschberg and Gotthard tunnels, Switzerland, 2006/07.
Fabric Expansion Joints for biomass heat and power plant
Several Fabric Expansion Joints DN300 - DN2000, Goldenstedt, Germany, 2008.
Heat-Chambered Expansion Joint DN200 with spherical joint anchorage
and Universal type expansion joint DN400 with external heating hose, 2009.
Fabric compensators for the gas turbine plant Hermes, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf
Conversion to the peak load plant. Gas temperature to 540 ° C.